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The Third Task

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The Third Task

Post  Julia Mae on Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:58 pm

When you know you will have at least 15 minutes alone, do this task. You will not be told what the subject is, the operator (that's me!) will assign the object mentally. Your task is to do your meditation/mind-clearing and then...

For ten minutes, maintain the blankness, but write down in the post everything that you think, hear, feel, or smell. The trick here is to possibly stare at a blank wall, or paper, not fight with your mind to stay blank.

So: if you start to think you have to go shopping write down:

I think I should go shopping... but stop yourself before getting involved in your own life's business and refocus on the blankness.

If you become aware your right great toe hurts or itches, write that down, then don't try to figure it out, blank your mind again.

If you start to think about your cousin Mary's plaid jacket, write down "Cousin Mary and her blue plaid jacket."

Whatever comes into your mind for ten minutes, you note it, stop yourself before it becomes too involved, like clearing the etch-a-sketch window, and listen again.

At the end of ten minutes post what you've written.

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