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Theory of the First Practice

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Theory of the First Practice

Post  Julia Mae on Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:14 pm

First thing we do is learn to relax and be open to hearing what's coming through. To do this we use imaginative thinking to get in the right mindset. What a Face

Almost everyone has some technique for clearing their mind of extraneous thoughts. Try this before the first task, and then do this: imagine you are in a glass elevator surrounded by a cloud of clear bright red -- the elevator starts moving up through the cloud and it changes to orange...and then yellow...and then gorgeous green...and turquoise... and blue...and purple....and amethyst..and then it gets brighter and brighter until you are surrounded by silvery-whiteness. The elevator stops, the doors slide open and you step out - now - read the first task and write down whatever comes into your mind, EVERYTHING that comes into your mind, for the next minute.

Don't time it, just guess. Post that.

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